Careers in Public K-12 & Community College Not Economically Feasible

Pending repayment of long-term municipal bonds and the powerful construction lobby, teachers and students in public schools are being left out in the rain.


Casualty Insurance For American Students/Teachers

because of the spate of school shootings, casualty insurance for public school teachers and students in florida is expected to rise

Links to Puerto Rican Terrorist Attacks

Autocracy through Technocracy: Automated A.I. Map Survey, Reconnaisance, and Search

after authoring and researching search engine technology in the field of artificial intelligence, it gives me great pleasure to ponder the use of artificial intelligence in drones to perform common military and police power operations. For example, infrared, thermal, of facial recognition can be used to find people or objects in an area. Also, map surveys, terrain, and other reconnaisance tactics are capable with modern artificial intelligence technology. there is already reports of the chinese government performing facial recognition at traffic lights. with infrared technology, drones can achieve search even through walls.

OPEC Lacks Diversified Domestic Economy

with reliance on foreign labor from poorer countries and imports in exchange for vital oil resources, OPEC (Oil Producing & Exporting Countries) lack a diversified economy like, for example, Saudi Arabia where domestic labor is often retained to meet government quotas. am currently reviewing Saudi Arabia, Russia, & Venezuela’s CIA world factbook page comparing them for the sake of finding this metric. This is a problem when oil prices go down forcing the domestic economy of OPEC countries to rely on their own domestic economy for sustenance and cannot afford luxury foreign imports.

TO DO: For-fee Subscription to Online Labor-Networks

I am considering an alternative to higher education combined with journalism using my kongfinger customizable search engine software that can be used to “subscribe” to a scholar or internet resource at a fraction of the cost of a daily newspaper and at a lower circulation volume. Instead of enrolling in a structured curriculum a user may elect to subscribe to an expert level resource using modern internet education techniques.
I am also reviewing my expert locator skillconglomerate Facebook app that makes it possible to “subscribe” to a labor network and pay low monthly dues for ubiquitous service at a more stable rate and lower average overall price than independent hires.
This service already exists but I am reviewing expanding the labor network subscription paradigm to any quality assured service at a low monthly fee

Behavioral Targeting for Query Terms

in the interest in expanding access to useful information on the web i am proposing a behavioral targeting feature for queries where keywords used often together as search terms can be presented as an alternative to SEO or PPC techniques on search engine results