TO DO: For-fee Subscription to Online Labor-Networks

I am considering an alternative to higher education combined with journalism using my kongfinger customizable search engine software that can be used to “subscribe” to a scholar or internet resource at a fraction of the cost of a daily newspaper and at a lower circulation volume. Instead of enrolling in a structured curriculum a user may elect to subscribe to an expert level resource using modern internet education techniques.
I am also reviewing my expert locator skillconglomerate Facebook app that makes it possible to “subscribe” to a labor network and pay low monthly dues for ubiquitous service at a more stable rate and lower average overall price than independent hires.
This service already exists but I am reviewing expanding the labor network subscription paradigm to any quality assured service at a low monthly fee


Behavioral Targeting for Query Terms

in the interest in expanding access to useful information on the web i am proposing a behavioral targeting feature for queries where keywords used often together as search terms can be presented as an alternative to SEO or PPC techniques on search engine results

TODO: Update bitmap journalism data with GIS geographical plotting

list of english-speaking online journalism websites are plotted by GPS location, place reflective news stories on map based on distance-metrics to relevant news

TODO: Propose Videologging Police Operations With Proprietary Youtube Blockchain Software

create show like and bypass or supplement news media coverage like:

TODO: Business Plan For Medianeuter

an online forum like norm’s rare guitars featuring mobile inspectors videologging products being sold on the secondary market like craigslist or ebay but with a similar approach like youtube but in blockchain

TODO: peachies term frequency count by collocation; host website with translator features

my newspaper lexical analysis site needs additional configuration to measure term frequency collocation to keyword extraction + translator features for every language in the world

TODO: Plot 2010 Census Data, Rank Linear Equations By Top and Bottom Best Fit Through Residual Sum of Squares, & Plot These Areas By Map

i am going to compare each category in the census to each other category and assemble these plot points by best RSS fit and map them onto a GIS tool. i think i need MATLAB for this