For Those Who Want To Be Astronauts…

This is my Andy Rooney take on the topic. Many youngsters including me at one time are interested in space and want to be astronauts. Then they learn to consider the need for rocket science to blast off with the right amount of jet fuel in the correct angular proportion to the earth nd the stars and decide to become rocket scientists or astronomers. Then they realize that to escape the earth’s gravity and atmosphere they must study physics and climatology and thus endeavor to become physicists or meteorologists. Then comes the hard part when they realize the ocean’s effect on the atmosphere and appreciate the need to
become oceanographer. And lastly, there are actually more of these disciplines I the space program than the meagerly employed astronauts. And above all else with none of this set in stone and on experimental basis, I ended up studying politics and am sticking to my guns on god’s will on earth as it is in heaven


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