The Universal Synth

My fellow musicians, I have uncovered a software synth deployment
technology that could put virtually every keyboard company out of
business. By offering free community-generated sounds in mass effect
on scale of Gb or Tb, a new era of software synthesizer technology
will be in place offering completely ad-hoc on demand patches
available from any host in the world to any sequencer/midi instrument
in the world. The universal synth is the lates and greatest software
synthesizer and patch deployment technique ever disseminated.
Decentralization of previously stand-alone apps from one workstation
to anywhere on the web ad-hoc on demand meaning patch libraries
formerly proprietary distributions available from keyboard
manufacturers are now online and mobile meaning community user-
generated content available from any host in the world to any midi
instrument in the world via the world wide web liberates the craft of
musicianship beyond traditions of proprietary songsmith and would make
possible the release of a web front-end to max series Of algorithmic
computer music software with access to the content of the www media
library as source materials. The universal synth is soon to be
released and we are sure to be emancipated. I am attempting to
improve the technology and market it by offering an hour-long concert
composed, rehearsed , and performed in less than 3 hours including
mobile ticket sales and concessions, with venue already selected


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