Opportunity Nochs

after years of cheating and insider trading the heightened civilian citizenship model now makes use of decentralized information systems and opportunistic clandestines to make timely informative review without central command subservient to citizenry models. the subject matter of most documents hitherto regarded as clandestine within reach of most graduate level subject matter. tallahassee was notorious for emphasizing this guerilla communications method to counter insider-traders and ursurpers of government information. as a matter of fact anyone who has lived there knows there is a rather large civilian insurgency of minorities with miltiary intelligence level technology and techniques like the invisible zipper from “live and let die”


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  1. Posted by JR on March 16, 2011 at 7:13 am

    the real drama behind any type of opporunity nochs movement is handling egos within the mirror of privacy. assumming all inbound transmissions are re-routed to the auspices of a government handler trained to sift and escalate but however tends to unscrupulously use such private information for the purposes of ursurping and insider trading through the acquisition of timely info not publicly known. in NASA i personally trained under the noch system, using unpopulated noch databases and systems software, and a perimeter study of distributed information systems commonly in use. meanwhile, my own study in privacy was broadcast like a key to sleeper cells of virtually any type, style, or ad hoc agency in an open-ended way. as such, i was trained to communicate like a parrot with postcard knowing full well all the permutations of the confines of any system in any form in general with the added cohesion to knock timely on the right door for a reward.


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