The Swap Shop: Knowledge Workers and Gender

the transition from proscriptive or `unknown` knowledge to prescriptive, or `known` to be discovered results in a myraid complex of situational happenstance regarding carriers of information to distribute to practitioners in the most suitable format. setting this artifice of conveyance aside I would like to discuss one of the purposes of this distinction in discovery and scientific acquisition. very often the prescriptive position in the field of intelligence relies on discovered facts, (also in a palatable format) that hypothetically produce scientific, economic, or social results. they are thus handed to less discovery-seeking minded individuals more in the style of the practitioner. this phenomenon is known as the intelligence swap shop and (albeit meaning a word to the wise) ignorance of it in intelligence gathering or forensic acquisition of new and hitherto before unknown scientific knowledge can have you out on your rear. the relative value of painstakingly found research findings are minimal compared to the researcher that found them even in light of the probable prospective finding of another research finding comparable in value. thus enters the theory of the intelligence swap shop, findings once validated are passed along across gender boundaries to women to act upon them prescriptively, meaning as codified science. in general, minorities are good handlers or carriers of once know and perhaps not forever considered to be unknown discoveries because they are out to be disproven because they tend to not have access to scientific faculties as minorities or gender dependents. if the value of the discovery is found to be worth more than the prospect of a new equivalent finding in terms of value then the discovery is more useful to be eliminated and placed prescriptively in the hands of luring practitioners. the ultimate vanity via this paradigm is to have an illiterate or sub-performing individual correctly perform a piece of codified prescriptive theorum before it is widely known and available to the masses. as such, labor in it’s most repetitive and ostensible pedantic format is some sub-species of a codified piece of scientific intelligence or knowledge reduced to a sub-processing task or chore for a person to be edified for


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