Is Joomla Bogus?

with the recent php hiring trend tending toward the building of social networking sites based on the model-view-controller paradigm, there is no doubt that modern educators in computer programming are scheming toward reorganizing their curriculum around this phenomenon. however, as is always the case programming fundamentals are more important than the deployment of “off-the-shelf” job market. while joomla, drupal, and other cms plug-in based sites powered by php and LAMP are in demand, the fad has largely died down from the hiring boom that took place around 2010-2011 with the advent of largely constructible privately held social networks to counter largely public facebook/google webspace. however, these server systems as stock suppliers of webspace for the jingle-jangle/mingle-mangle of everyday life are in large part in competition with each other for the providers of human resources data, current industry news, and the like so much so that common input into one system at one extreme is an isolative encounter and at the other extreme is pushed to the non-responsive reader. i still advent the common dissemination and usage of LAMP, PHP, and MYSQL technologies for graduate students to assist in organizing their findings into large-scale presentable data formats and offer tips online for such data acquisition and moderation however not one facet of the LAMP environment learned to the nth degree by my own appropriate usage has been called-for and in demand by a prospective employer. leading me to doubt this current insurgency akin to the internet boom of the late ’90’s where an over-elicited supply led to a diluted market for consumer choice that collapsed. in spite of this fad movement, i have stuck to my fundamentals in programming using what i can know and apply in virtually any language and avoiding largely proprietary schemes that lead to painting oneself into a corner in the job market.


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