Derivation Schemes

this is an addendum to the “tolling of virtues” post on the economics system of marx. i’m actually distancing myself somewhat from karl marx himself and utilize him only in the sense that he like i was a mental illness case and despite this decidedly authored one of the most influential books on economics of the 18th century comparably the eastern european or russian counterpart to adam smith’s wealth of nations. first and foremost i would like to postulate the 3 formulas based on marxist nomenclature, these being commodities to capital to commodities of labor, the capital to commodities to capital nomenclature of the venture capitalist, and the capital to capital(prime) of the creditor as being the most significant to my application of the legal approach to economics. in this case, a subspecies of this theoretical approach is the derivation scheme where all transactions can be traced back to a debtor-creditor relation and all creditor relations can be either private, public, or heterogenously aggregated. where most of the debtor style of relations can be traced back to feudalism or serfdom of the middle ages. where likewise the chain of title or derivation can be traced back to apportionment by the king or in the case, soverign government and that illicit transactions can be regulated by sequential recursive routing of smaller to larger transactions or transactions that occur with common currency to private debt collection.


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