Intellectual Property, the Internet, and Foregoing the Virtues of

this theory is based on the intellectual property quagmire that is: “the internet”. first and foremost, i would like to go back to my posting on wordpress on “tolling the virtues” to describe the legal approach to economics for the sake of intellectual property. suppose an idea on this or another website, strikes someone’s fancy. or as is suggested by the ceglia suit, someone wrote a version of “facebook” in 2003 that was not rewarded for it’s susbsequential financial success. there are two distinctions between these circumstances that (referring to the tolling of virtue) should be noted that the isolated programmer or blogger should not be confined or excluded from the capital market merely because they are publishing on the internet. this is perhaps a vantage to safeguard the proprietary interests in publishing on the web given that a reader subsequently according to the systematic underpinnings of the “tolling of virtue” post themselves went to venture capital, aquired the requisite debt + best of breed labor, (and i say requisite because not all of the ideas expounded on the website are within reach of the sole reader, but rather considerable an aggregate of the reader and their subscribership or the capital extent of the surfers who read them so it should be treated as if the blogger of note or the web publisher of repute had gone to venture capital themselves for the sake of publishing an idea on the internet. i say for future reference there may be a quoted clausular statement on any future writing mentioning the purposes of the reading as to that extent. however there is a difference between a venture capitalist reading something off the web and putting in their own time and resources and another `reader B` passively enriching themselves by acting as a bridge or conduit between the internet and the capital market


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  1. so theoretically, my blog is intended to be me talking to a rich person. a rich, intelligent person.


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