Upper-class Inheritance

without not to say that the nature of such cutthroat politics would not destroy such fealty arrangements across generations and over the years. but the #1 resentment of the worker is a service to slothfulness, typical of the burgeious upper class. not just the paternity, fraternity, and maternity arrangement at stake here are fallacious but downright unhealthily unfair to the poor who must carry a corner of the gigantic throne through the gamut litany of the modern chore. class, does anyone remember what happened in france, the peasants revolted against the upper class and the royalty was beheaded in public. this is because workers did not want to work for the sake of pre-eminent families but for each other because they loved each other more than these pecans. even under the credit arrangment of the modern u.s. wealth system, many labor to pay-off debt that is at the burden of premium to the few oligarchy, who only become richer and richer decidedly at any venture and have now enveloped mechanisms to consistenly maintain wealth across generations. this totalitarian treatment of capitalism is unfair, unjust and to the extreme is intolerable. first and foremost, banks should publish to their consumers their debtors capped at an sizable business amount for virtue of cronyism in the private capital markets so that they can rate and consume (to their own benefit, i presume) from the auspices of their own capital. this is a labor-based approach to the private finance market, however, the much vaunted proxy system of the private stock market is not available to the middle-class en masse except through taxation with which representation and appropriated are elected and decided. but the very goal of reducing the public system for the sake of waste and dysfunction is operate the modern labor union like a proxy-based credit system that will only produce more jobs and operate like a private finance market.


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  1. in my opinion, using taxation as a suppressant to produce more jobs and solve inequalities in the economy would only produce combustible industries that fall apart on a whimsical wind like the housing bubble in 2002


  2. thus the fabled “revolving” line of credit. in 20 years, there will be 747 sized predator drones guarding their palatial estates like in “terminator” i would assume they would even go so far as be stylish and build moats or medieval style fortress walls to guard their kind of concubine if for the sake of the lost art of feudal overthrow via commonplace mechanism like the stone catapault and scalding hot oil. the 23rd century primate may not be bold enough to care through specialized in-breeding of the passive consumer. they say a bullfrog ‘ll hop right out of a boiling pot of water but if you gradually increase the heat it will not notice before being terminated. thus the overthrow by our own domestic government: 1st through subsumation of labor, 2nd through engenderment of passive consumerism 3rd through gradual relinquishing of the vital supplies of commodities through scarcity, global warming, or the carelessness of forgotten knowledge.


  3. the last american heroes will truly be uninitiated in the ways and nuances of eastern european economics. as such people like machete, and jennifer lopez in “maid in manhattan” don’t realize the humorous aspect of their position as superlative minority laborers in an american race-to-the-top because:
    A. they came from agricultural-based countries to commodity-based industrial services economy
    B. they do not operate as a common labor union
    C. transitional studies these so-called “9-footers” of the labor market are generally consumers of american markets rather than their domestic places of origin


  4. ponzi schemes and rich niggers. that is the new racial divide. if you were rich and white and didn’t lose your money in a ponzi scheme to bernie madoff, if you were rich and black you spent it up and now work petty labor.


  5. the civil war in libya and egypt may eventually hit home in the united states, with a mocking dictator hiding behind reinforced walls with armed militia. i expect this type of revolt in 20 years or less where the rich are going to die, trying or tried. with the tea party calling for an end to modern form of government and coded a “civil” war throwback and not actually a u.s. revolutionary one. the country is having nonetheless a near-death experience as if ’twere near it’s end or according to the 2012 elections. where the country may well nigh break apart and choose not to abide by the obama presidency as it seems to be talking the talk about. as such, i predict any war directly with the likes of a number of countries such as syria, iran, korea, or venezuela would only exacerbate the domestic struggle. mad max is a good start fitting this vision of nomadic warlords invading over gas or waterworld where freshwater and gold are the vital resources. with the country resolved to a domestic dispute and an external foe waiting for their turn and licking their lips in anticipation. as for the caribbean , my suggestion of a united front free from european or western hemisphere colonialism, a free cuba with ports of trade in miami, and for the sake of the spanish path of discovery into the new world, an expansion of mexico’s borders into parts of california, arizona, new mexico, and texas.


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