New Age Subterfuge: The Falun Gong

i wonder if exporting and proselytizing new age works depicting eygptian mythology, traditional astrology, wiccans, the kabbalah, and other timely traditions of the theosophist faith would counter strongly held political and philosophical positions of marxist countries such as Venezuela and China. The pacifist and furthermore passive consumerist sensation that is the Falun Gong 70 million strong may wear away the largely pretentious CCP and chavez dictatorship through the voting bloc thus sending us all a bereshit atta, malkut what a wonderful thing ‘t’would be if there was a religion invented that were considered agreed to be tolerated by every other one. chinese do not consider extra-sensory perception, the strange highways and byways of the mind that the mystic shares with the lunatic. the block letters of their alphabet represent lack of creativity as they cannot be rearranged to form new meaning as depicted in the movie “the davinci code”. given that there were 2 installments each one steeped in western occult philosophy and religion, there is no doubt about the third recreating the mysteries of the east, said to be hidden from most like the blind man’s eyes, a character like langdon would be curiously mysognied with not artifactual knowledge of the east after having his sip at the grail. to consider like peter, paul, mary song “sounds of silence” referring to the artifice of telepathy as having been formalized and abandoned to any other paranormal findings until that day when all is clear, we will go no further


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