Nuthouse of History

virtually anyone from the O.T.O. going back to neiztsche, crowley, or even the theosophists of 18th century europe like dion fortune & madame blavatsky, native american indian shamans also share this correspondence, with the vision-inducing powers of their hallucinogenic rituals an aid in their spirit travel and supernatural experience and the concept of the afterlife, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, karl marx, abraham lincoln, ozzy osbourne, marilyn manson, aldous huxley, timothy leary, richard alpert, uncle fester, an indoctrinated initiate of preliminary degree would do well to handle as a certificate of accomplishment a temporary self-induced bout of psychosis returning to job, school, or day-to-day affairs. please do not try with adequate and fail-safe housing accomodations or hope you quickly attain the adeptus majorus of master theiron, uncle al himself as in his later years he was a burdensome albeit self-styled and delusional transient squatter among his followers.


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  1. i have made special arrangements with the court to have no social contact, online or otherwise without those without the special certification from the yaqui indians meaning full participation in a native american ritual with hallucinogenics to induce temporary psychosis and experience the supernatural through the guided narrative of the drug experience. (see Carlos Castaneda) i would rather not be furthermore bothered or misconstrued in any way and choose even to withdraw previously dictated literature, spoken or written. my society is now encumbered by this experience and i deny conversely applying same misconstrueing or poor construction to anyone without said experience given that it is as simple as having spoken another language. our only lessons are from this historical basis.


  2. i would even recommend such measures for the adjudication of the mentally incompetent to consume the legal navajo or illegal rye version before rendering their full consideration to a case, with any brave soul who would like to join them in a rendering of confinement to likewise join him in their consignment by taking a maximum quantity as some of our brothers on this type of journey have been consigned to solitude


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