Behold, I come as a theif

for my friend alberto come is not spelled in the vernacular as having an orgasm or to cum if you steal something, but rather, in the vernacular, that the time of jesus’s second coming will be recognized as a time of such loose social and moral values that literally jesus himself would quite likely be the victim of identity theft before assuming the throne as supreme messiah. just imagine the paces you have to go through to get your identity theft, like walking on water, turning water into wine, and so forth. and so be it for all intensive purposes the sign of His coming is when they give out gifts on his retrieval for his own sake and to keep the peace, and in the case of the latter day that theif for the common good does not perform any act out of good conscience like the robber at kin, but rather out of infamy, misanthrope gestures, and sublte loathing


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