Strategic Queries: A Draft Memo

strategic querying refers to the acquisition of new and potentially useful information by querying a database. i have been intimated that much of the clandestine press known to be thriving in the united states and abroad is performed via both the ostensible collection of datapoints, with or without auspice, clandestine or obsequious, along with the data representation itself plus querying powers for special access citizens such as the police powers, legislators, and the executive branch. the results of which are “reported” similarly to news reports but in a secretive way such as using overt keywords that are coded as meaning something different. thus there are 3 stages of noire: 1. datapoint collection 2. sifting, querying, analyzing, 3. circulation, dissemination, and distribution to the likes of sarah palin.

in my opinion, the art of querying is a largely unknown and untransferred talent. most well-placed queries use cross-checks and validation among disparate systems to corroborate data.

I would like to 1. obtain access to the state systems via sponsored tour. 2. query the state system looking for data perimiters, borders, and hot spots indicating adjacency by induction and 3. disseminate my findings through a clandestine cryptography press

in fact, i am thinking of switching to a cryptography format for jadeowl in case i find anything worthwhile


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