My Views on the State of the Economy

I am disturbed regarding the current demographic trend in the united states with an increase in the proportional minority population soon slated to be a majority of the nation’s population while the elected governance and institutional figures are mostly white. The main factor at work in this poor economy is the practice of organized capital to privatize interests collectively and enforce economic advantages and concessions from a superior financial position. While organized labor seeks the expansion of worker’s rights and privileges the fact that the number of required or essential workforce has dropped in the last decade up to 10% meaning another avenue for expanding minority rights and in this case the state of the economy in general is to facilitate organized capital practices among minorities who are much less likely to trust financial institutions and so forth with aggregated capital along with the formation of networks of professional relationships needed to sustain organized capital. I think this is the main dichotomy in today’s economy with minority surges in population and minority(white) representation in electoral power and creditor standing a situation similarly to what took place in S. Africa with apartheid. Given that many of our sanctimonius financial institutions have failed in the last decade or so because of fraud and corporate embezzlement schemes. It is all more necessary to shore up financial regulations for organizations based on capital and facilitate minority participation through safe and sound regulation.


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