The perils, pitfalls, and profits of fraud: the red sector has now been observed as capable of perpetrating a “rolling thunder” or relay fraud across geographically dispersed communities. In one local grad student case, his credit was pegged to the street as government recruit. Upon buying satellite radio service there was a noticeable puff in sales of those units 2 black households rumored to be routed thru one black worker at sirius earning the comission. Apparently, it was under review as potential coded communications device. The war in the south not over yet!


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  1. an expert in segregation said this practice indicates proximity to black housing. The linda carter phenomenon appears more a romance of captivity whence we seem to be sown by the reach of our own comingled airs praeturnaturally in their nostrils


  2. given that domestic is and will be a brain-drain & missions to mars and the moon cannot go forward without heavily subsidizing the black community, the US should consider commoditizing it’s space technology for export to BRIC based emerging market economies as long-term investment hedge against prospective dissolution due to long-term class conflict and guerilla-style black market warfare fomented on international scale


  3. this may be new to some but up on Capitol Hill there is a lobbyist for black interests who urges appropriations for blacks on any and every budgetary action by legislative or executive office with a relatively high rate of passage given re-election campaigns and the power of the black vote.


  4. for the sake of essential field operatives, it may be useful to employ functionally adequate yet semi-obsolete equipment in the field


  5. the prospect of a guerilla war in urban u.s. + int’l interest may be confusing to some depend on illicit participation vs. enforcement esp. given U.S. diplomacy toward other countries like poverty in Syria, Libya, etc.


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