What is Your Ñame: Probing the Cuban-American Psyche

the expatriation of tens of thousands of cubans to the united states after the cuban revolution has led to a political dilemma regarding the referendum on their culture. this phenomenon has resulted in their assimilation by anglo-american culture making their culture an archaeological relic to be perserved ecologically by human good will and charity. the stand-off in the carribean shows no signs of abating, even upon castro’s current signs of poor health meaning the community enclave in south florida may be forever encased in their icy cold war prison of international politics, facing assimilation and subordination to english culture much like the hindu of india faced in the 18th century and still face now in the form of hindustani call centers that serve american and european customers in their language. as such, this subordination of culture for economic purposes has a dual influence because of the general household characteristic of speaking spanish designating the language to pre-adult behavior and psyche complex akin to neurosis.


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