NASA Workflow: Blogging for Bucks $$$

this system is based on a procedural design with a blog input and conditional parameters sequentializin the steps of the process and is how the space agency does research and keeps their intelligentsia off to the side like beach bums on blue tooths and portable devices. a seed text, describing a calculation or correlation in natural phenomenon is written. usually the second step to authorship is readership however filtering the readership can be accomplished by isolating keywords in the “observation” text and deploying them to experts with skill sets in research centers that match the skill set. thus the mythbuster phenomenon, the expert researchers extrapolate, and test the data empirically like mythbusters program. there is even a combination where gaps in expert skill sets can be filled by blacking out the skill field terms that are not inventoried. thus the return is not always directly to our beach bums who are kept largely unawares except for transitional results that may result in modification of their hypothesis. thus the “scientific method” does require blogging of text input, scientific readership, and a workflow research design to extrapolate and examine dependent and independent variables.


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