Stemming Education: Bio-Intellectual Property and the Expert Finder

a new trend in education: detecting high aptitude early childhood scorers for purposes of stemming operations. stemming involves detecting things that the (ECHAS) early childhood high aptitude scorer and investigating or experimenting on the objects as if it was marked by a nielsen viewer. the united states has hideous laws on entitlement to biological property as it is, having descended from slavery. for example an early learner detected as a genius level starts on a new field or (toy) just as the neophyte researcher exhibits enthusiasm for the subject his personal reflections and interactions with the subject are routed to an expert level field researcher for review of prospects for exploitation and consummation meaning enriching themselves from intellectual property derived from this method and buying into the husbandry of their culture. even recordings of the subject are available perchance on a pay per view surveillance standing. the whole prospect is that upon any finding of value the “subject” is obstructed from any further advancement in the field, having fulfilled his uncredited profession as a researcher and having played a delightful game.


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  1. cub an toymakers and child psychology aside, there is an ongoing santeria myth about donating the toys of a celibate child to a retarded child for the purposes of making them smarter despite inbreeding; in one case, an inbred retarded progenitor bred into the white-collar practice of psychology through the method and now finds my eidetic memory a favorite toy


  2. in this case, social intervention makes the I.Q. difference meaning social warts who have high I.Q.’s early on, may peter out with withdrawn personalities while average people excel or improve with social “watering” this may be the great personality societal equalizer because “smart” guy is actually becoming a little dumber all by himself while “average” girl gets smarter with peer groups. and there is always the allusion to the “social” causes of retardation leading to lack of social interaction while the converse is actually true. what does this mean to mental health and I.Q. however, because early social butterflies tend to get withdrawn because of the tendency, such a theory would have to be compensated by gender, because of the social tendency to adopt the female version of the illness because of scarce procreative value, a trend harshly countered by the prevalence of birth defects among this population such as “cleft” lip. i still however hesitate to mention that i am basing my conjecture of a extant theory of I.Q. intelligence personality traits on my own experience which admittedly contained a large gestation period after which i exhibited markedly decreased aptitude for intelligence tests once i developed a quirky respect for the minimial objective of being housed out on my own, notwithstanding this facet of aptitude tests as not compensatorily contributing to my housing needs.


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