Conjugation Surrogate Plan #123 – The Switcheroo

i am thinking of surrogating into a foster program that cares for both me and my progeny and deal effectively with the case of adultery that has dogged me since adolescence. in the case, of a predatory society of males in hispanic culture with no natural defense of social aggregation, i am considering of paying for both progeny and fostered care, from 2 or more women meaning birthing with one while maintaining custody, possible through a surrogacy program, and hiring a daily worker that can put in up to 12 hours 4-5 days a week on an hourly wage that can provide the nourishment from the foster care’s expertise repetoire of formulas perhaps even switching up on the motherhood status for pre-k and school age experts for the purposes of home schooling. surrogacy is known to cost several thousand dollars, and the hourly wages for staged nursing care can be in $20 range. i am thinking of defraying the costs with advertising by placing 24-hour webcam in home due to the interest in my genius-level prenatal care. regarding the foster care status, i am already in an institutionalized state due to my families pernicious care-meddling and somewhat under surveillance as a psychology subject so putting an extra doobie brother in wouldn’t change that much maybe settle me saddle, and live-in or 20-30 hour weekly nurse is better than the ward/orphanage scenario. we can even get pretty one that puts out for the family based on changeup on nanny vs. surrogate. snake eyes for the snake. the education/employment level for either of these positions is basically fast-food cleanliness level or otherwise restaurant level cleanliness such as wendy’s or BBQ combined with a community level college course in psychiatric technician which can take from 4-6 months. i would take my offer to women at local fast food restaurants but there is an explicit understanding that it is a non-solicitation zone. i am not an active member of the church so that shoots down 2/3 of where the rest of the women are. so i am going on a slim lead that about 15-20% of those who listen me on internet are women with the most active demographic at 18-34.


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  1. so you have to buy a community college credit certificate to work, play, or do anything you, because of the study they are doing? what kind of svengalian mongol psychiatrist did that to you, to put a chess game in your care, with a raiser to split your connections, and enforce your families abuse pattern.


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