Moles for Muff-ins

apparently licensed security personnel can dial a number on theire cel phone, drill down on a target by keypadding the desired call dialogues + pin, and retrieve every inbound or outbound call in the last week, 24 hours, or since the last call retrieval. that is why i like announcing my ideas online rather than over a phone line, because sensitive topics are treated differently depending on the segment of the population which controls access to it. for example, instead of saying something on the phone for a circle of spies to have access to, online and a different population has access to select information, perhaps at a premature state but bound by the fact that information may actually be more secure with slighly more people in the know rather than a few security, step-by-step, 1) a “network” agent (not a federal or international spy) identifies unsecured “collateral and seeks to secure it via his network, 2) place a call center for agency review, the matter is to be escalated if on priority listing or exactly what sought, 3) extended credit is approved or sent to poll via mobile pool and assigned upon quorom selection, 4) the collateral is secured via the network assets of the cellular phone pool, like a private facebook not the public one
it could provide everything for it’s consortia of network agents, operating on the private market, including private health services. food, per diem pay and the like
based on a system of pooled assets backed by debt and collateral for purposes and objectives common to the group across nationality, border, and gender. i fear another credit market failure in the states if such a system were to properly implemented based on these specifications however in this case such a network could thrive and keep on shopping. this is exactly the modus operandi of foreign nationals in third world or developing countries where the public infrastructure is not qualified for their services, whereupon by international auspices authorized agents in their country are eligible for these services. likewise the platform of the republicans is to similarly impoverish the governmental infrastructure for a variety of reasons but still hedging a change management situation where the private market is not adequately prepared to handle the requisite capacity


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