Sharecropping: a comparison of agriculture to the internet

The definition of sharecropping based on the internet takes into
account the myraid number of people willing to contribute to the
internet for free, on the basis of farming their knowledge in the
prospect that they will be reputed as an expert or person to “go to”
in case of a question in their field. The paradigm of giving away
information or knowledge as an education subject lends itself to the
farming analogy in that the relatively simple process of plowing the
earth for fertility of planting is that it is likewise easy to host a
website, especially with modern models of social-networking
distribution such as wordpress, and joomla. However, as many small
farmers fail and consolidate and conform with the mass-market stream
of commerce there is the potential that the process of gathering and
disseminating knowledge will be thus automated like the agricultural
processes of most industrialized societies whereby intellectual
property rights will be subservient to the nameless corporate
identity, if for the sake of the stakeholding in investment required
to invent, develop, research, and mass produce an idea for western
comfort as a commodity. The seeds of education thus sown do not endow
the teacher with the student’s proffering and likewise the shopping
for answers and ideas are coming extremely less from the scholarly
platform that the internet used to be but a corporate model. This
subsumation of idea-based math is the result of a long process of
trial and error and advancement in the discipline of research and
intelligence gathering. Resultingly, the automated process of
investigative science can eventually “think” for us as we go about our
merry lives, with nary the publication of a hypothesis in the form of
a search query to initiate the farming process.


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