The Brown Tower: Florida Politics in Education, a Private Affair?

i like to describe the state of education in florida politics as something of a brown tower, comparable to the ivory tower, but weighted by the segregation politics of the south. the brown v. board case of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s gradually led the minority down a path of decentralization and defunding the public government. a situation much past the point of no return, black politics in government resulting in the culmination triumph of obama legislation. the intergender politics on a micro-economic level have resulted in the `girl` on the tip of the tower, or `girlie` as a consummated drug deal like a clandestine black market encounter for privates, the purchase of which is to be distributed in equal amounts, to stealthily get slipped past the bully narcs with infinite search & seizure protections from their relatives in the cuban precincts. for those who would venture to make the mistake of climbing it, the shit-smeared rod of countless black smear tactics and the actual ivory one post-sodomy to get to that little blond and bound pre-nuptial agreement at the tip of the now disgorged ivory fence post, then you would realize you have nobody more than your mother. in terms of simulated chimpanzee behavior, the physically stronger male does not allow the other chimps to the females, but not always, unless they are satieted and thus do not value the biological find for a brief time. like a round of pot, i’ve had ounces to roaches that i have to use my handy roach clip for, not since my teenage years. expounded for years for my virtue as a reader, there was no glaring respite about the comparable opposite gender who of course, was smart enough to not be there. and in this indifference, i digress, that there were some who hid in the brairie to keep watch for the zoo order to keep me isolated, even attracted by the scent of my seniorial mother who led them like a pack of wolves over the cliffs of do-over like the pearl-trodden squeals of zion. so despite my lonely celibacy, these animals have revealed themselves, taking the proverbial piece of cheese that was there, however, and this again has been shewn through chimpanzee simulated behavior that the woman is not the target of their sex-sting surveillance rather the promulgation of fight-flight response based on a triangle for which they, of course have numbers and can legally thus eliminate me, the one they fear for the sake of progress.


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  1. but then again have to count quail with one eye missing, in the proverbial sense. ’tis better to enter the kingdom of heaven without a limb, be it to be last in line and watching the sinners go in on that number. that is what they say i was missing, things like counting flocks of seagulls, sex in the north pole, etc. watching a couple of sextons duke it out like it was a parlor game while they misspelled their own last name was something of a hoot, i wouldn’t bargain the `brown` beggar for the world


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