Knowledgeable Self-Exertion: The Athlete’s Instinct

anecdotal experience and recent advances in knowledge persistence show that there is a threshold in passively transmittable knowledge with the remaining gap to expertise involving something akin to the athletic instince or knowledgeable and willful self-exertion at the expert level for a sustained period of time.  recent NASA failures such as the Culumbia disaster, the lack of a return mission to the moon, and recent space exploration failures on the part of Russia with a disastrous failure to reach orbit for an unmanned rocket and a lost space probe destined for phoebes. suggest that the original knowledge for space exploration to be dense and extensive enough to not be feasilbe beyond first-generational knowledge where the origin or problem of transfer is first encountered, now in the second generation where this problem is realized along with several failures, thus resulting in the automated presription of knowledge transfer as the primary means of inductive problem-solving and multi-field data analysis required for the complexity of urge in such a big field as space travel.  as such, even the best knwoledge transfer applications require the jogging of the expert or usually an extended period of personal self-fulfillment through self-discovery that transmutates the individual into an applied tool for such purposes.


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