Gender Literacy: Cubans vs. Puerto Ricans

interestingly, a good measure of intelligence quotient or literacy is assimilation of a foreign, alien, or otherwise different culture than one’s own. Sadly, the gender quotient of cuban females is low compared to other similar parameters and qualities where social rank as determined by social quotient often depends on assimilation of foreign language competency at a developmental stage, in a generation amiss with cross-border militant social strife and expectoration of the claustrophobic airs of stuffy british culture. often, the enforcement of english is like the development of right-handedness for a left-handed child, and hidden talents coerced, teased, & subdued through the imperial cultural crossfire, leaving american women of first-generation spanish culture amiss for the sake of cultural assimilation, societal reinforcement, and socio-economic success. i propose this, that the expansion of semitic borders across national boundaries starting with the gory overtaking of the israeli independence will eventually result in a second intifada or cultural emigration from english to the true language of the west: hebrew, pending the outcome of the current conflict in the middle east, hebrew may result in a worldwide referential an lexiconical language due to the fiscal propensity and standing of the jewish people in american & euro-british society, leaving english to be the language of the old republic of imperialist slavery. two issues regarding this newly emerging cultural movement is the relative standing and literacy of the islamic counterpart female gender population and the standing extant polemic of jewish oppression through illiteracy, the protocols of the elders of zion.


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