Due Process & Medical Expediency

i am writing to complain about the health fraud in the miami healthcare system that is largely compromised by the drug era

of the 1980’s whence most of the local professionals graduated into professional careers and the migrant population

stratifying the social schema because of america’s long standing conflict with cuba. one of the major dilemmas in the urban

region is the drug war of which has many associated cultural and social costs, albeit i am thinking of the converse, where

the enrichment of pharmacuetical companies and local professionals takes place through long-standing chronic developmental

cases for the largely adolescent drug-consuming population, the intolerance of which is usually dealt with through

rehabilitation manuevers. in my case, i was held out as a life-long institutional case and invalid for work purposes, thus

maintaining a captive consumer condition by attributing hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions to largely behavioral

problems for purposes of research budgets in psychiatric care, high-priced pharmaceutical prescriptions, and observations

techniques involving high intervention rates in largely functional or typical social settings thus maintaining a staff of

psychiatrists & psychologists on summary review for the purposes of enrichment and extenuating the case through

intervention techniques involving psycho-drama actors posing as peers, and pursuing their habits for purposes of examining

attempts at self-help. the ethical ramifications of this diagnosis for a now functional individual are now exorbitant

under hindsight review, enriching doctors, master’s degree recipients, & Phd’s with 6 figure salaries armed with staffs of

techs and with often inappropriate and unethical means of social & legal coercion through control of the law enforcement

containment especially regarding so-called aptitude tests intended to measure variations in intelligence among social

wardens. i believe this economic microcosm to be largely sustained though lax drug laws, harboring drug trade through

bribery, and through this self-sustaining mechanism of enrichment that has claimed my own childhood friend as a low-priced

social comfort. while drugs laws are pertinently available to scrutiny and review their is somewhat of a jacob’s ladder

attitude to mental health cases that prioritizes the ensuing behavior patterns through internal tolerance or intolerance of

the illicit consumption without treating the root syndrome which involves anger control and management, a much less

expensive manuever than tidal wave multi-figure treatment that houses no one but the rich pharmaceutics controlling my

island, the women they marry, & the doctors who are paid to conspire with the drug companies to extend costs in a for-

profit ethical environment. i myself studied psychology at the undergraduate & graduate level and find terminology in my

diagnostic report hideously foreign and alien to my understanding, combined with the fact that my family history was under

revision by a medical interrogator that would not take an authored authority on the subject from the family themselves. my

curriculum material has been review summarily for open-ended application to other treatments because of the fat research

salary applied to my medical case as a pharmaceutical anomaly to be exploited for any and all medical reasons because of my

legal and socio-political status as a puerto rican, up to and including psycho-biological of the governance model because

of my “genetic” standing as a puerto rican political figure. i believe that medical property rights have been established

against my best interests in career advancement and social acceptance likened to the progenetic model of medical slavery by

american interests. i am being consumed like biological gasoline to fuel the greed, luxury, and better interests of the

imperial capitalists social model which like in iraq denies the use of their own gasoline to kill their best warriors. i

believe that terrorists plans and attacks coming to fruition are a reaction against this type of pseudo-medical supremacy

of the miami triangle of private interets, jews-anglo-cuban that like jose padilla’s planned cancer attack for

beneficiaries of the cancer treatment my mother received and that women are being either deluded economically into

gestational harbor or eschewed economically by this localized supremacy model to be employeed as sex workers. in short, i am being denied the due process and procedures of the legal system to cover for the inethical practices of the medical industry. according to your countries history this was the amendment granted to the slaves after the civil war and i consider likewise puerto rico’s standing in imperialist america to be subjugated through this trend. in any case, this is being shorted for the sake of a medical expediency that is to be applied temporally meaning for the sake of proper sedation in a surgical or otherwise bodily operation, my rights are being withheld through the supremacy of medical practitioners night and day through expeditious surveillance and privacy intrusion.


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