Reared in the Shade of a Mechanical Bull

in hispanic cultures, like texas, it is common to be reared or named after a bum rusher so predictable that they can be timed like the running of the bull s of pamplona or the mechanical varieities of bulls, it is said that in an age of working parents, and single parent households that to be reared in the shade of a bull is to be blessed, for the constant thwarting & expungent motions tend to soothe and feed the named rear lik churned butter. when it came time for me to run with the bulls, a local yokels barter for gambling purposes on husbandry, i was lucky to be run like a bull in the school system by a teacher, as a school lesson. otherwise i may not have fared as well as like the running of the bulls in pamplona males often draw bachelor’s into a triangle where they can be killed by a bum rush, i took medicine for years for the sake of complacency after being given heavy doses of hallucinogenics in order to replicate my uncle’s original maddening bum rush


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