Jordache Jurisprudence

the genetic laws as of yet to be instituted in the united states will inevitably result in bio-genetic mining of the third-world and emerging countries for the sake of their own natural, bio-physical advantage sans the highly securitized and secured tool of modern conscience in the world of the heirs of the age of enlightenment. these non-english, non-semitic loin-cults with their hunting and gathering society have still as of yet experienced the nomadic failure of organized agriculture and livestock farming that has economized the world to the iniquities of high heaven through the towers of babble. just as vital natural resources are now being exploited through these countries, eventually the tricks of the genetic trade will fall on these colonies’ shoulders through bio-genetic mining of physiological advantages shared through common habitation with the earth. the ethical tirades hailable by denizens of this country will be out of reach to these incognisati of the world who will have no venue to argue the legal merits of such dispute


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