the mina poem at targeted by peers and colleagues as an example of my work and brought before the former governor himself as exemplary of my scholarly standing, having invoked various variations based on the them including on 1200-line stanza in calligraphy by president modesto maidique was actually a test run of the blogspot system and referred to an incident where i was given a dose of bad acid and taken to see the movie “Dracula” in tallahassee while my brother and girl named melissa ditched us and took shortcut home from rehearsal studio to make out. it is rumored that a clay statue carving still depicts the doggie-style mannerisms of their love-making with the pointed dog ears of ramses on the four-on-the-floor sodomy subject. my brother was up in tampa on a basketball scholarship for USF, he was considered unworthy of the team despite being high school sports star, nothing but a jumpshot, about 9 out of 10 players on the team could match. one gator grawl he invited me up for the summer vacation introduced me to weed, and took on the drums after his friends heard me play guitar like joe satriani. they used to eat the same place they fucked, at the neighbors off of fowler. i was starved and suffered from malnutrition for over a month subsisting on only pizzas from my brother’s delivery service, and beer, and acid, of which the once proud athlete delivered to his puerto rican and jamaican friends dutifully as their mule. little did i know that, despite being offered a working opportunity as a gigging musician from their promoter spurgeon, i was actually under hostile control, used as collateral for drug transactions. after seeking treatment for my condition, i was again placed under my brother’s negligent care where he began to enroll in psychotherapy courses in order to maintain the value of his services over me as collateral and undo any psychotherapeutic gains made on my behalf. i am still in fear of this drug gang and feel i am being held under surveillance on a rolling basis meaning any harbor is sure to be blackmailed. my law professors tell me this kind of conflict is over who loves and since they do not love me there is nothing they can lawfully do to assist.


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