The U.K./Cuba/U.S. Au Pair Triangle

not sure of of reason for pursuit. methinks it is uk/us preference for intelligent children in foreign and developing nations, for which they distribute au pairs and often expedited citizenship. i am already citizen but cuban migrants are seeking my child-bearing and rearing arrangements in hopes of claiming one of these au pairs that may appear, they are not only observing but interfering by taking placement exams in advanced (gifted) childhood education. rumored to have uncovered that gifted children do not perform when they are given orders, subsequently they, developed a fetish about giving orders. the cubans are taking great pains to observe without being noticed. the matter has been turned over to the state dept. for review of european foreign policy in the carribean. the elian encounter took place targeting pretty nurse at miami christian. of particular interest is the propensity to seek care and nuturing for their offspring, likened to the aliens of ufo abduction novels who are dying and seek abductees to care for their needy love. Austin is in Paris receiving orders and Boris is in Yeltsin taking names as planned.


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