Some Ingenious Miami Economics, Mathematics, Statistics Expert Deploys Game-Changer

i heard there is an ingenious formula based on my “Y.O.U.” report discussing the origins of the modern capitalist system. By postulating the treasury creditorship of social security as a stacked heap meaning a sequential line to the “nip” (i mean money), and with so many unemployed, this local miami genius, (probably from UM) deployed a financial instrument that postulates the ss recipient as the lord becauese of their proximity to the treasury, offers them services wholesale or at a premium discount based on their monthly gross income because of their collective bargaining ability and splitting roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of the check to some form of financial savings instrument used to fund labor positions in the area in turn paying out in dividends, quarterly/monthly proceeds or a pro-rated percentage rate of return based on the holdings as collateral. i am personally not involved in the study but rather in the “control” room or group so i am thus not affected. in this sense, it is the stone that the builder refused being the head corner stone


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