20-year cross-generational qualifier: WHEW!!!

upon receipt of admission to oh the most notorious, conspicuous, little anglican spy base in the country, just under the radar of the ivy league and sporting the capitol in a state residing two military command centers & the main HQ of the space agency. oddly enough the prophesy of the cross-generational conflict came true with unexpecteable consequences. we are starting from scratch sir, this is a 20-30+ year qualifier utilizing a cross-generational and extensible to this generation of mars colonization and commonplace method of space transit. we’re breeding into the future, into space, into the wide blue sky, for all intensive purposes, and you can kiss all the peace & good happiness stuff goodbye! the rescue of alberto sustained the issue in this rather generational context as a public POW of the vietnam era. he whose cryptic colombian gang-fag style of slang to cross-estoeric for even the steady-minded reader and far-off a field of my own lover’s quarrelo, but i digress. to have a law (lien) placed by your recommender qualifying the law you can practice without them knowing about it, is to take the declassification route, humperdink the flunk and start off a new path into journalism where any of all kinds and means of back door circulation would only stregnthen the cause of communique as intended to concentrated enough to manipulate standing review of prison guards in a holding cell. espeically given the global anture of communications with CUBA, i can always handle a few backdoor passes to cuba as long as i am feeding the spy route and remain personally uninformed nonetheless.


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