10 years of Just Delights:

From my own experience as a burdgeoning classical guitarist, and my experience observing other students at the conservatory, I estimate that it would take about 10 earthly years to produce a capable and civil classical guitarist, able to perform most or all of the traditional modern repertoire, and skilled in the understanding of the theory of music to write, compose, or at the very least improvise their own music. 10 years of societal, cultural time must have been stable regarding the physical well-being of the instrumentalist along with the stability of the culture. War torn continentes are generally not well known to have produced quality, qualified guitarists. Furthermore, the artist must have been well-fed, happy internally with the instrument, and perhaps even expedited to some extent. Furthermore it is a pursuit to now end but itself. There is no major industry in the world profitting from the performance of the instrument, given the sustenance costs to the society


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