2008-2012: The Black Presidential Botch

having come from a pluralistic community with many races, i cannot hesitate but admonish the lacking quality of workforce of blacks in my area. people for which every monday is a black labor day. botched by a black english teacher in the 8th grade who taught me to “do” the dew. botched by a black education administrator which every other smart white boy escaped with private school, botched graduating with a GED despite scoring in the top %5, botched by a black social worker who says my qualifications are skewed for a black unemployed professional despite being a puerto rican square peg in a round “hole”. botched in the administration of my medical treatment due to blacks watching me for undeserved handouts and who instead deserve to be in the ghetto themselves getting high on dope and having gratuitous sex. and now the country knows what it like to be botched by black professionals in the 4 year debauchery that is the obama presidency. obama in the white house is like sleeping in your house with a perverted family member, you just know he is going to go for the goodies once the lights out. like a failing black co-worker or black best friend who indoctrinates into the street class of the population, or eloping from a troubled home into a black den of thieves, black labor is a quantifiable botch.


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