The Sterile Austere World of Brainac

i saw this analogically in the recent dc universe online trailer where the stalwart old world superheroes representing the era of entitlements are defeated by lex luther and his villains, only to be met with the forces of brainac, outgrowths of the scientific and likewise a research subject to their own internal idiosyncracies as are willing to subject others to their internal studies as luther states, “a rat in the world”. i highly distrust such an intelligentsia divorced from scrutiny and the hardship of american life for their dogmatic faith in sterile science of god. while many think that separation from the hardships of the real world their is a requirement for a translation into meaningful worldly affairs to be considered acceptable, i as a harbored intellectual youth now see this world rattled by the mucous like sentinels of the scientific faith in their destruction of the old stalwarts, the olympian columns of the old world that fell to decadence and homosexuality. an oncoming of superhuman genius in the next generation is beyond the particles of the scientific faith the accounting of the members of the order that there is not enough for everyone.


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