Automata for Middleware

I would like to elaborate on the topic of my work experience that I wanted to share with my recruiters. First of all, the celware experience consisted of a middleware software developed by a company called celcorp. I did due diligence and product testing for the software and wrote a manual on how to use it. At the time it was cutting edge however now these kinds of software are easier to make with components available for free or relatively inexpensive on the web, albeit at the time it was considerably a six-figure software. I would like to mention it for the sake of the automata formula used to integrate data from any source including web, database, or mainframes. The main use was to connect users to mainframes via a web interface. Celware programmers used a GUI interface to author automata to extract data in one of various formats. I think it was written in Visual C++. It is, I believe, a common data processing need to store data in another format, especially for insurance companies that now require faster and easier access to data traditionally stored in mainframes. A common use is to transplant this data from mainframe to a database that is then accessible to brokers via a web service. Regarding insurance companies, they seem to be behind the 8-ball on such integration with some companies even turning quotes from paper-based filing systems that require scraping from pdf documents to extract data. I wanted to mention this to my recruiters because I am enrolling in computer science graduate school and would like to be considered similarly for such positions.


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  1. some yahoo codes this type of logic with something straight of an undergraduate computer science textbook and asks for six figures and lessons in it’s use for minimum wage? it is a nasa paradigm to construct applications whenever possible from free ware/open source technologies, this one is exceptional because it used an artificial intelligence concept known as automata to visually direct the integration of data into any format


  2. a millionaire computer software engineer cannot describe how to use his own product worth millions to the university and needs one of their yokel engineers to explain it for him. that’s a yuck cost, DANCE NAPOLEAN!!!


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