S-agency and the Character Code

networks of community social support are reducible to the concept of “s-agency” or stand agency and operate disjunctively for and against the individual like a robotic limb. the character code of the video game avatar that espouses the opposite sex is not a new concept as male and female lovers roleplay their love acts for each other. the reduction of such a social capacity reduced to an artificial intelligence script raises new questions about what is available from this type of “computer-generated” espousal the fiscal and fiduciary matters of marriage and divorce would thus be susceptible to the dowry and arrangement of divorce chattlery of the corporate model that would thus share in the wed stock of the human-to-avatar marriage. who is to say that the role-playing of men and women in a marital setting are not reducible to a role-playing voice actress script available at a call center based on the notion of the “courtship” script is not reducible to an A.I. script generatable by machine for a voice actress call center


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  1. there is also considerable evidence that woman are sheparded through the community within the confines of such a network based on their relative “attractiveness” via a network of “boyfriends” or male networks offering free rides, free labor, for the sake of the value of their husbandry


  2. in this case, foreign nationals in other countries can reap the benefits of a labor network without coercion into marriage for that sake. sort of like pedro pan in cuba but kind of a horny avatar who takes in young women and supports with a disparate network of labor that do not have submit to psychologically


  3. the marketing model is uniquely different in the case of, for example, a gender model perpetrating a script or avatar act on behalf of those in her immediate public forum. the coca-cola t-shirt in high school is a classic example of those bearing the gender watch for such solicitation and would be valuable as staged models of corporations


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