Knowledge Management and Socialism

regarding the recent interest in the principles of knowledge management, it is interesting to attribute the various styles of economic paradigms and the organizational practice of KM. most importantly the economic paradigm of socialism seems to be the more appropriate venue for such principles whereas capitalism tends to eliminate the practice for the sake of collateral expenses for example maintaining the sources as an expense. too ribald cost-cutting in the corporate may indicate that the modern practitioner of km may be eschewed as refuse for the sake of collateral or adjacent costs related to the persistence of such a practitioner whereas socialism tends to value sharing of knowledge for common benefit of everyone, capitalism tends to operate for the sake of exclusionary private interests that eventually counter-operate the operation of knowledge management, swallowing it as an unneeded expense rather than preserving the source and thus acquiring the overhead collateral and adjacents costs of such preservation. knowledge management is thus a minority mirage as many immigrants arrive in this country still with the memory of the unsuccessful socialist economic practices of their emigrating country.


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