Chinese Office Park

the decaying of what is known as the “office park” mentality of most business schools has deteriorated into a market for the rich where only sales of property on the market is recognized or the leasing of estates or money because of the decadence and surplus jibberish produced by the shove-it attitude of these business office parks. the nature of such office parks in the past has included decadent activity and hedonism, all on account of the american dollar. with the ensuing retraction of such luxury employment positions in the last decade, there are now fewer positions like these in today’s economy, where the richness value of sales & leases has held strong and true in such markets as international globalization and foreign currency trading making the ostensibly modern 9 to 5 job in an office park a brutal extinction of cost-based surplus labor. unfortunately, such ribaldry in spending has resulted in the ensuing office park mentality in places like China, Russia, & India where the hedonistic principle of such exploits are rated by the fraudulent filtering of employees through plaigarist corresponding diploma mills.


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