Polarization Schemes & the Battle of the Sexes

this is something of a war of the roses for me in intergender studies because women tend to have polarization targets based on social rank and often regard the source of such material in their polarization scheme. as an elementary student I scored off the chart in aptitude tests while the highest female only scored as average causing me to be placed in a multiplication group with the best female to learn advanced mathematics for my age when I should have been with the makers of the tests who utilized me as a stem cell and also concurrently while being grouped with females that were untouchable or viewed me as an undesirable resulted in my low self-esteem in my childhood academics. while these females searched through their information systems much the same way they found my high caliber test scores, they also found husbands & lovers with exorbitantly large penises through the premise of the “vin diesel” effect or the ratio of men with large penises referred by a vehicle identification number for a diesel engine. as of now I am still being used by their legal psychology departments as a polarizer for any such object where a compatible women in the area is polarized after learning my point of view as a low ranking social member.


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