Waterboarding: a linguistic analysis

the phrase waterboarding is such a curious application of a term used to describe a torture technique. first, boarding is a colloquial term used in the navy for entering another person’s boat but also used to designate a housing pattern or entering a housing situation with purpose to stay. water is likened to the baptism of john the baptist the witness, which therefore means in totality, boarding a housing situation through the mechanism of witness or without any other regard or contact much like a stand-up comedian or actor who performs in a movie or play that presents in an appealing way in a secular framework, as if they would like to take them home with them. mostly, such techniques for lodges include a common hand gesture or coded set of beliefs, but in this case refers to a commonly displayed manner of thought or gesture which is familial or appealing to the boardee. another unusual interpretation of a term describing a torture technique is the “rendition” indicating a version of a musical work. in any case, waterboarding indicates the common communion of society represented by housing pattern via a secular method of cultural expression which indicates familiarity to the host and in this case can be traced back to the black lodges of english 19th century esoterica. on the topic of esoterica, aleister croweley was known to have “lodged” in several homes after overdosing on drug use and poverty without which would have been a homeless bum. as such, boarding and including several types of so-called “water-boarding” by this definition such housing patterns should and most probably are held to be illicit & illegal by the operation of the department of health, not only including such problems as housing a pedophile with a child, but also to include a variety of economic arrangements that thus construed are contrary to the requirement of a healthy housing pattern in a healthy community. I myself share several distinctions in housing patterns with regard to my mental health, given that acerbic reactions actually cost more than benefit the situation. women are generally held out to be a common boarding point, and her inclinations and infatuations are sometimes heavily guarded to the point of completely dumb ignorance for the sake of not fomenting an unwanted pregnancy outside of the capacity of the housing scheme.


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