Disorganized Capital

only %1 of the population of the united states can be said to be wealthy meaning %99 of the population is middle-class or poor. although, poor is a relative term as poor in isolation versus the organized capital techniques of the wealthy %1, i use the term organized in a similar way as it applies to it’s use in the phrase organized labor, however this 99% of the american wealth is dispersed among untrustable bridges of access to the term of organized capital. the closest thing to the organized capital standing of the rich is either the church or the government. but for either of these, it does not take a religious belief to bridge the 99% in isolation or be elected into office in order to be in a deciding capacity, these networks that lack the social network “bridges” of the wealthy tend to be untrusted and thus unreliable making the pandemic of “disorganized” capital akin to the police power over what can be known only better than the rift against “disorganized” crime versus organized crime which is far less susceptible to policing.


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  1. likewise, the inequality of the quantity of guns in private civilian hands related to the quantity of guns in the hands of the sovereign police powers is a quirky formula because guns in private civilian hands largely outnumber the guns in the hands of the local militia, by so much despite the necessity of a unified commonality of thought to guide their crosshairs towards a new revolution.


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