a lot of the ideas posted on this group do not come from extensive training in economics or business. as a grad student at FSU, I took various electives in the graduate business program, one of them, the hardest in the school, was “Strategic Analysis” taught by professor Caesar Douglas, an excellent teacher as well as a prominent African-American businessman. we used to spend time each week analyzing the corporate strategies of several Fortune 500 companies in the United States, bent on internal and external propensities of their activities. we also used a software called: “threshold simulator” that simulated the activities, buying & selling of one of 12 companies, 1 of which was controlled by the user, the others of which were simulated in order to compete with the various strategies.


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  1. many people traced my educational background from grad onward, in order to understand or fathom the basis of many of my ideas. people armed with the doubt of a psychotic perused the literature of my curriculum various times, even hiring experts to scout me for the sake of any uncovered “state secrets” or ideas. but almost all of them, or many of them, failed to trace my training back to the FSU MBA program which launched most of my ideas, sending me to forensic accounting school and nonesuch.


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