regarding debenture, it is an economic term for when assets are routinely paying out regular income. many people refrain from posting online for the sake of securing their intellectual property rights. however, there is a way to claim ideas from the web without acquiring patent or intellectual property rights and going into debenture. Debenture is a term describing the legal authority on intellectual property rights referring tot he business concept of acquiring venture capital. Because posting online also alludes to a prospective property right and is often extended as a matter-of-fact approach to marketing to venture capitalists, roque or what is known as pirated or plagiarized intellectual property rights fails as a matter of the economics of scale and the need to fund business concepts in order to bring them to market and reality. thus, posting online is not necessarily a breach or surrender of intellectual property rights rather a manner of securing them for the purposes of marketing to venture capital. even someone who spends $25-30 on a copyright or patent suffers from the rule of publication that, while impressing onto a fixed material, this is sufficient to acquire intellectual property or patent rights for the sake of taking them to market through the process of debenture, where the economics of aggregated capital often take claim over smaller amounts intended to pirate the ideas. on this website, I posted some business programming ideas that are meant for this process of debenture and not for the sake of free-wheeling small claims intellectual property rights, and even further some of them are intended to be treated as universal or empirical types of intellectual property which do not necessarily lend to ownership via a small-time claim. one of them interestingly, named Alicia, shows this approach to intellectual property rights describing an investment technique for index funds that empirically provides for a lower beta score through skewing the inversion rather than funding an equal amount of money for each company on the index, in this case, the NYSE.


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