Legalities of Marriage Bilk

the general public is protected from the disruption of labor routines possible to a wealthy person in which they as being richer, have the power to disrupt the normal lives and routines of regular middle-income or lower class earners. there are blockades that society has set to avoid and protect the lower classes in general from malevolent -ism of the “harpee” that is possible among people with more money. also, the court in general is skewed against rich people often because they have more power than the ordinary person in society and can dilute or crowd out the operations and routines of the general public because of this clout and are thus often not favored in the court. the case of Dwayne Wade, professional basketball player for the NBA team the Miami Heat was a target of a “so-called” marriage bilk when several of his investments went sour along with his marriage resulting in bilk of his assets in a legal framework where the court was not on “his side” for the sake of the mention of fame, glory, and well-paid athletes resulting in a kind of bilk leaving him in the 2008-2009 season behind the black ball on his wealth. this kind of scenario is common particularly among the rich and famous because society in general merits a series of protections against invasive fiscal maneuvering against their estates from the launch point of a well-paid professional. as such the legalities of marriage bilk should be construed against the wealthy patron because of these concessions.


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