Antigen Labor Strike Operative: Miami, FL, USA

many people now in schools and universities are getting “bum” grades because of the tension between students and teachers and gainly pay that often requires a dubious set of diplomas for the well-paying jobs, many of which are now unattainable without some insider assistance. teachers and professors now as guardians of the gates of professionalism have to be made their grade in their interest to be convinced of their grading.

can a threat made online be achievable as a target between anonymous posters and readers for the sake of being satisfactorily described as justice?
could a charles manson type figure rise on the internet as a musician like manson or otherwise charismatic posts that drive a group of brain-washed individuals to kill?

someone that knew me and my scholastic and otherwise adolescence and childhood in south florida placed an advertisement on a bus stop on kendall drive near Baptist, one of which used a regex wildcard symbol that I used to program with in London, the * character which matches any symbol at a specific location in a word such as: FA*E which translated for me to FAKE FAME where the * occupied the letters K and M, along with an advertisement for the opera “Madam Butterfly” a story that a prior flame of mine that may have had a child with a man married to another women that then took away the child. the person in the poster looked like this girl I knew in college with makeup. anyways, these were posted in my opinion directed at me because it was right before a big push for dramatic fame from several girls I went to school, one, Tessie Santiago in her big career-making role in the sequel to the movie “The Cell” the former lead which was Jennifer Lopez and a supporting role for Danny Pino, the husband of a former classmate I knew in high school and college, which won a role in the “Law & Order” series. anyways, these details may appear to be unconnected however, in my opinion, the person that bought the advertisement on the bus stop is probably responsible for the other crimes, of which all seem related because they were all places that operate 24 hours a day and which often perused in the midnight hours.

the trajectory of these incidents indicates that I should probably stay away from stores I peruse that operate 24 hours and that I usually go to at night like the mcdonalds on coral way and 87th avenue! the trajectory a potential crime occurring at the 24 hour mcdonald’s at this address.

please list their complete 24 hour staff for me. there is an antigen labor strike operative working there on my hours!

I got a badly sweetened ice coffee there once by an elderly man who appeared Cuban. I also got a mixup breakfast there once and also, there is a “bunny” telegenic female at the drive-in.

the sake of this political agenda that Cuban-americans have with me is the coercion of labor in America and the politics of capitalism. Cubans emigrated from cuba do not want to have to work for me or either for me to get what I can pay for in this country. I receive disability benefits plus an inheritance from my parents. my efforts to graduate to become a productive American citizen born in Puerto Rico as an American have been constantly thwarted by the status quo that engineers poverty, aggression, and anti-social behavior. the Cubans are well inform on what my capacities are and are utilizing a communal aggregative technique within the local churches to spy on me and attempt to rob me of my opportunity in America which undoubtedly has been auspicious given my free-ride mentality to offset their political struggles migrating from their country. thus, it has taken some time, but I have gotten over their heckling, mocking activities like Boo in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Gregory Peck, however the political overtones of this type of activity surprises and perturbs for the sake of it’s extent in the freedom-loving society of Catholicism. I get bad looks from old Cuban ladies just for coming into the local grocery stores at peak hours and like a bull in a matador’s ring, am constantly reminded to regret my mistakes like the plunging of the sword by the matador’s swing!


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