Business Opportunity: Labor on Skype!

hey if anyone needs a job and some extra money, I have heard good things from people who work at AFLAC, an insurance company that specializes in temporary work displacement insurance for the disabled workers. I actually earn a pension from the government because I am disabled and was a good match for the position because, like the commercial with the duck at the barbershop: “if you get hurt and can’t work, it doesn’t hurt to miss work.” AFLAC specializes in replacement income based on temporary work disability. I considered the position briefly mainly because it allows you to work at home, managing incoming sales calls that are referred to your terminal however, I decided to concentrate my efforts with an employment disability from the government for mental health on other activities. however, if you use wordpress and a wordpress social media type of website, you get a really good and responsive SEO or search engine optimization widget from the community of wordpress plugin developers. I initially tried a hackneyed version of a real estate website with not that much real estate experience and received a booming amount of traffic from the wordpress SEO, the strategy that I intended to use by posting articles and blogs about disability insurance. just a helpful thought if you are in the market for a job.


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  1. interestingly enough, with a powerful enough SEO plugin you may be able to drive traffic to your wordpress faster and higher traffic volume that you may need to harbor a call center for insurance agents with at least AFLAC’s training. I used to work for a company that just hosted a highly ranked, and trafficked website with a form used to request a call-back from the agents, basically relying on a strong search engine ranking to pump in commissions that are used to pay the owner who is thus renting to the client insurance agents for the sake of volume traffic from a website that hosts articles and blogs about the various types of insurance.


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