Labor in Miami becoming proverbial “Cheesecake Factory”

despite the concept that working as a waiter or cook at the local Miami “cheesecake factory” is probably the only resort available to freshly minted migrants from the local k-12 community. I used the term “cheesecake factory” (hopefully correctly) not necessarily as the restaurant but rather made up the terms “cheese” & “cake” where cheese refers to an overtly simple, well-known technique that is effective for the sake of impressing those who are uninitiated. “cake” is a reference on the internet for applauding someone in a group of people. factory inevitable means the systematic production of workers whose tasks are menially akin to “cheese”. Arthur Andersen is a good of a cheesecake factory whereas people are kept out of poverty and homelessness for the sake of simple yet effective techniques without necessarily going into the rigor. that is a mild complaint about various educational institutions giving out the cheesecake on a nominal basis for the money.


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