The 3 States of Feasance in Capitalist Society

the three states of feasance in capital society reflects the class distinction and stratification of high-, middle-, or lower classes within this economic apparatus. the term feasance is a contractual term that describes a state of acknowledgement or stasis whereas the term malfeasance refers to a protest of status.

the three states are:

high class wealthy earning income passively by virtue of ownership
low class living of labor subsidies or welfare
middle class earning income through employment and maintaining a state of debenture toward the upper class

this paradigm also reflects a dependency state of a minor or invalid defined as a dependent of a subject classified as one of the three types of capitalist feasance



One response to this post.

  1. this graphic represents what I call the “Debenture Stack”, vital to an understanding of American capitalist society and local & current politics. The major problem with the minority republican movement is that minorities in the United States tend to be at the bottom of the debenture stack receiving welfare and in general poor. The adjacency of the portions of the stack represent movement among classes and upward mobility. the lower classes are often lethargically earning subsistence through welfare while some for the sake of upward mobility seek wage earning positions within the middle of the class stack while likewise, the middle class wage earners in a standing of debenture toward the upper class tend to also seek upward mobility through actions taken to be placed within the upper class. a problem with minority republicans is that they are a class unto their own for the sake of representing the republican platform of less taxes thus less welfare and more capital gains and tax savings to benefit the ownership rights and privileges that come from membership in the upper class. one of the issues with the adjacency between the 3 classes of the stack is that lower classes often seek remedy from the middle class and are often parasitical for the sake of escaping poverty through organized crime practices such as drug trafficking and prostitution. however, membership among minorities among the upper class (which I like to refer to as the ownership/management class) would possibly result in more wage earning positions on behalf of rich minority owners on behalf of the plight of minorities. in my opinion, this should be the goal of the minority republicans, to increase membership among the upper-“ownership” class thus alleviating some of the issues regarding the plight of minorities in the united states which tend to be represented through liberal taxation and welfare reform platforms. especially now with the advent of computer & social networking, minorities can enjoy some of the virtues of ownership through shared capital ventures like from websites like “kickstarter” using crowdfunding techniques, (already a major use of upper class capital).


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