Anthropomorphic Terms for Personality Types (Draft)

chicken = coward
roach = a low-self esteem person
dog = a loyal male, ugly female
whale = fat person
cat = a talented jazz musician, a lazy fat man
dove = a peaceful person
eagle = a strongly just person, lawyer
elephant = ethnic person, myraidly a person considered untidy
snake = a evil person
rooster = a male that tends a group of females
lion = a revolutionary person
beast = the antichrist, a very talented person
dragon = an extremely talented judo or other discipline
bug = a sociopath
rat = a whistleblower
tiger = a disguised talented person
liger = a minority, mulato or mixed breed person
horse = a strongly, stubborn person
zebra = a voluptuous girl used like a referee
hawk = a military personality
lizard, iguana = insensitive male chauvanist
cow = fat person


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