Psychoanalytic Regression: a Defense for Common Violent Crime

is he mentally ill? the FIU police officer who heatedly fired his weapon 5 times into the air. FIU is not well known to have developed a psychological “regression” test that is known to incur irate aggression. consider the plight of kendall berry, star FIU running back who was murdered on campus after irrationally bum rushing a student armed with scissors.

also, this regression technique is known to have spread to China:

rick berg, former professor and PhD in FIU’s nationally recognized legal & forensics psychology once informed his class that some of his research projects would not pass muster before the ethics board. he insinuated that he often had to find a way around the ethics board to get his psychology research done. in any case, this is a legal psychology question.


a case where wayne treacy, a middle school student at a Deerfield Beach school attacked female student josie watley when she made belittling and humorous comments about the suicide of Wayne’s brother. he then attacked her, stomping on her face several times with his thick boots.


minority projects funded by NASA also have come under scrutiny when an astronaut, lisa nowack attacker her rival colleague who had also been her lover. the element of “regression” is stamped all over this NASA incident as well.

consider the prospect of the techniques in this manual released to the general public:

consider this incident as well, during the Iraq War in the Abu Grhaib prison:

this may have been a directed command to use what is publicly available as a torture manual from the Harper’s Magazine release to torture and document the possibilities.

personal anecdotes of the FIU scholarly atmosphere point to many happenings:

this article where Cuban agents sought profiles of mentally ill students that attended there.

also, the business school appears to be infiltrated with Israeli intelligence networks that host identity/credit mining applications based on forms from university registration procedures. they can follow promising students around for their entire lives as they attempt to usurp business opportunities offered to them.

also, consider my incident for which I am still being heckled by the Cuban community where I was enraged by a “regression” test and stalked my former professor and supervisor because of a grade. people still use the regression techniques distributed among the general community, however pointedly toward the Cuban population.

regression is a defensible form of aggression given that it can be argued as an acute form of mental illness whereas these types of crimes are often argued as chronic forms of mental illness. Wayne Treacy of the Deerfield Beach incident described his actions as not his own and as if he had entered a foggy state where he is no longer responsible for the consequences of his actions.


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  1. an interesting thing about violent crime and mental health is that, several populations both mentally ill & otherwise are capable of irrational bursts of anger indicative of psychoanalytic regression or early developmental stages of adulthood like adolescence. also, any of these populations are likewise capable of premeditated actions which should not necessarily be considered defensible as a cateogrical legal defense of mental health. however, may chronic mental health sufferes live peaceful live and are not necessarily a threat to society. furthermore, the escape character of this defense as a defense of all crimes draws a hefty price on the aculturation of otherwise peaceful chronic mental health sufferers, making them stigmatized as unstable and ready to spring violently.


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